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These obedient women won’t say a word for the duration of the entire video. The guy is standing up the whole time, towering over the kneeling women. The camera closes up on their faces as they suck on the dude’s thick cock. They’ll stroke it, they’ll lick it, they’ll suck on it… they’ll lick the balls, too… They whip out their titties so that we can look at them. You’ll watch how gag spit drips from the woman’s chin and splashes on her tits. They jiggle and bounce as she keeps on sucking. The guy remains anonymous. You don’t get to see his face. Just his cock. He dominates.

If you’re into submissive, obedient women who won’t give you shit, won’t ask for shit, and would just obey your every command without saying a fucking word about it, then you’ll love this stuff. You have to keep in mind that this is fantasy. These are just random women wearing a hijab, and they don’t really belong to any religious group. So, these videos focus mostly on sloppy blowjobs. That’s the niche they are really exploiting. There’s a video on which the guy uses a bondage device to pin the girl down and fuck her pussy as well as her face. You’ll watch her snatch being fucked and then filled with jizz. I think this is the only video in the collection showing you more than deep throat and face fucking.

The woman is supposed to be a cheater. So the guy whips her ass with a belt or something like that. Then, he fucks her face and her snatch, too. Other than that, the rest of the videos are all about cock-sucking. Maybe they’ll add new videos with more pussy-fucking, but I can’t say for sure. There are nearly 20 exclusive video updates. You can stream or download them. This isn’t female-friendly stuff, like, at all, as you can imagine.

The dude likes to jizz in a martini glass, hand it over to the chicks, and have them drink from it. It’s fucking gross, but these submissive sluts won’t even make faces or anything like that while drinking it. You might probably gag a little bit when you see them swallowing every last drop of the bubbly goo, but not them. They drink the semen like it’s their favorite ice cream, and they don’t gag at all or say a fucking word. Sometimes he just shoots the jizz directly in their mouths or on their faces. This place is all about blowjobs and cum. A thick dick feeding jizz to women in hijabs. Check it out!

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