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Bellesa Films showed up to blow our minds with intense, female-friendly porn that can be enjoyed by both women and men. The content is produced by women, which, among many other things, means that you are getting more elaborate fantasies, and none of that violent, demeaning stuff. On BellesaFilms.com the girls are enjoying themselves, perhaps even more than the men, but I’d say that they are both enjoying themselves without demeaning the other. Get your Bellesa Films discount and check it out.

I know there’s a lot of heated debate these days about what’s feminist and what’s not, about what’s sexist, and what’s not, and so on. But I’m not talking from any of those points of view. I’m just reviewing the site’s content for what it is, and it is fucking hot, man. These female writers and female directors do a fantastic job capturing your attention, and pulling you into the fantasy they’re playing out. You’ll watch the characters interacting, establishing their relationship for the camera, getting tense around each other, and then finally embracing their sexual attraction for each other and giving in to their physical urges.

There are many hot girls to enjoy. Most of them are young babes, but you will also come across women that are stepping into MILF territory. Big, squishy titties that jiggle and bounce, small titties with perky nipples, Black girls, blondes, brunettes, Latinas… there’s a nice diversity of hot chicks in the cast. One thing, though: check out these videos only when you are free just to whip it out and stroke it, or when you can afford to get wet and are also free to touch yourself. The reason I’m saying that is because the moment you hit Play on these videos, they’ve got you. There’s no way you are walking out without shooting your load or gushing girl cum. The scenes are hypnotic.

There are 17+ video updates at the moment on the site, and that’s because Bellesa Films was recently launched. The collection is growing every week, though. These are great productions. In this case, you’ll want the quality over quantity, trust me on that. This content is just hot. It’s incredibly sexy. It takes eroticism to a whole new level. These are scenarios that you can actually buy. Maybe that’s a part of what makes them so hot. It’s not the pizza delivery boy that gets to bang the stunning MILF that ordered the pizza. Sure, that can happen, it’s a crazy world, but the scenarios on Bellesa Films are more realistic. Realistic doesn’t mean boring, though, because what these girls are doing is pretty bold.

So, now you know. If you’re looking for fresh stuff, and an alternative to the same old misogynous porn, Bellesa Films is the way to go. You’ll find plenty of entertainment inside. I repeat, this content is very intense and insanely arousing. I think most men would enjoy it very much, and women would certainly like it a lot better than “regular” porn.

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