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MMF threesomes are something that I see a lot of while reviewing porn, but it isn’t often that I come across ones that are bi in nature. Lets Go Bi brings together two guys and one girl in every scene, but instead of it being about both men fucking the woman, everyone is fucking each other. These are not cuckold scenes where a guy is forced into it. These are videos of men who enjoy fucking both genders equally. Grab this discount offer and see how hot the scenes get when everyone gets equal erotic attention.

The first thing I noticed when Lets Go Bi opened on my screen was that all of the images are crystal clear and all of the performers are attractive. I soon discovered that the site shoots everything in top-notch 4K and that all of the stars are meant to be enjoyed. This isn’t a site catering to one gender or the other. It’s a place where sex and pleasure are the top priority for all involved.

Some of my favorite scenes in the site take place outdoors. I am used to seeing guys fucking pretty porn girls out in the open, but something about guys also fucking guys along with the girl, made the exposed locations feel even more exciting. It was like the risks were higher and the naughty factor was cranked up a notch. One such scene, had a horny trio pulled over on the side of the road with the car hood propped up. I watch one guy drilling another’s ass while a sexy brunette babe took turns touching and sucking them both, pressing her little tits on their naked skin while traffic could be heard in the background. It felt very bold and satisfying.

LetsGoBi.com only has a couple of dozen scenes in the collection right now, but updates are still coming in. At a rate of twice a month, the updates are regular but not frequent. However, it is all fantastic quality with multiple download and streaming options, as well as hi-res photo sets and zip files to grab. There are no limits. Additionally, membership to the site unlocks lots of bonus content, giving you thousands of videos covering a variety of niches.

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